Brexit and Not for profit sector

Brexit and Not for Profit Sector…

Not-for-profit organisations are no exception to the many sectors worried about the potential impacts of leaving the European Union. There is still great uncertainty about the impact that Brexit could have but is clear it is likely to make life harder for recruiters searching for talent at Executive level.

Third sector agencies are concerned that post-Brexit they could risk losing funding from the EU. The loss of funding and support previously provided by the EU will have a significant impact on voluntary organisations, charities and non-profit organisations around the United Kingdom. Without a deal to replace EU funds from national ones, charities will be unable to support their beneficiaries in the same way.Those charities that rely heavily on public donations through fundraising appeals and major gifts will be hit the hardest, and may have to consider additional income streams.

There are some positives however….

The charity sector is affected by a range of EU legislation which, in theory, would no longer apply when the UK leaves the EU. A reduction in legislative burden could be a benefit to the sector, giving Charities and other Voluntary Sector organisations more time and resources to invest as service providers.

Additionally, there could be some positive tax implications for charitable organisations. The European Union has significantly influenced the UK tax system, particularly  with regards to VAT. Following Brexit, the UK will be free to decide which goods or services are eligible for reduced rates or exemptions.

Although the air of uncertainty with Brexit remains, it’s clear that for now for most recruiters, it’s business as usual…..

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