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General Charity Jobs

Sourcing the best talent for Charities for over 10 years…

The Charity Sector is changing all the time. Likewise, your business probably is too. For instance, specialist recruiters in the Charity sector now want to recruit outside traditional roles. And luckily, we can help with all of these.

It’s all part of our bespoke recruitment process.

A process we refine every day. When we’re sourcing professional services leaders throughout the UK and Ireland. Whether it’s within fundraising, housing, education or for museums, libraries, and heritage bodies. Typical vacancies are within operations, marketing, human resources, finance, policy, legal and international development.

It doesn’t matter if your organisation’s big or small. You’ll get a smooth and successful recruitment process. From the first job ad to the last interview. Furthermore, you’ll become our valued partner. Which means you’ll get to explore our networks and databases of candidates.

You’ll have your own designated consultant managing your campaign. One of our leaders will play an active role in your search. And we’ll be there for you and your candidates every step of the way.

This bespoke approach comes from years of success in the Charity sector. Firstly, we take the time to think about what you need and what the candidates want. So we can see what’s best for everyone. Secondly, we get to know your culture, team and community. Helping us see what skills, experience and education to look for. And finally, we draw on our huge network to offer up a range of candidates. Giving you the freedom and peace of mind to focus on your mission.

As a result, we’re always ahead of the curve and ready to help you recruit for the latest roles.

An honest, unrivalled approach to Charity Recruitment…