Recruiting a Trustee

Building a strong Board is essential nowadays for any organisation. Below we will outline some useful tips for successful Trustee recruitment in the Non-Profit sector, whether it be a local charity, or a large international NGO.

Firstly, you need to ascertain what budget is available to support the process which might include using a recruitment agency. And of course any associated advertising costs.

Decide on timeframes – a closing date for applications and date(s) for interviews.

The Board should decide who is going to be involved and what their role will be;

Who will be on the interview panel.

Will this be a face to face meeting, or will this be over Skype or Zoom, and how many stages will there be.

Will the interview process involve the Chair and/or CEO?

It is also worth performing a skills audit of your board to determine gaps in the skills and experience.

Does your current Board have a diverse mix of backgrounds? You can then decide collectively as a Board what you are looking for in potential candidates, including skills and experience.

Create a Trustee recruitment pack for candidates including the following:

  • A Job Description including a summary of the role and an overview of the charity.
  • The mission, vision and strategic direction of the organisation.
  • A list of any specific skills and experience you are looking for (think about what is essential and what is desirable).
  • Details of how to apply for the vacancy and who to contact.
  • Be clear about the process for responding to all applications and any queries from potential applicants.
  • Ensure you are aware of any restrictions on who can and cannot be a Trustee, prior to advertising any Board positions – this information should be in your constitution.

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