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Executive Search

Working in partnership with Charities around the globe…

Get a higher standard of executive search and selection – every time! Working in partnership with AWS Charity Jobs you’ll benefit from our years of experience and amazing track record with small to large sized organisations throughout the country. What’s more, you’ll feel safe in the hands of experienced professionals from the charity and recruitment sectors. Quite simply we are the absolute go to for Charity Recruitment.

But why use us in the first place? If you can find candidates yourself, then why not just do that? Well for one thing, searching for candidates takes time. And if you’re short-staffed, there are undoubtedly bigger things on your plate. Secondly, you might want to keep the search confidential. For example, if you need to replace the senior executive. Or if you’re recruiting from partner firms. Finally, the right candidate could be outside your network. But finding candidates is what we do. Which is why our network is so extensive. Also have you ever thought that the right person may not be looking right now? This means our proactive approach can make these potential candidates aware of your exciting vacancy.

At AWS we lead the way in recruitment for Registered Charities. In other words, we put professionals where they belong whether it is a candidate with experience within the Third Sector or someone who has transferable skills from the corporate sector – we have access to both. As a result, small and large businesses across the UK rely on us for high-profile assignments time and time again.

The managing partners at AWS offer a unique mix of expertise. For instance, some have worked in the charity sector themselves. While others come from a recruitment background. Above all, they provide bespoke service and a wide range of experience. On top of that, one of our leaders will always play a hands-on role in your executive search assignment everytime.

We offer experience with all senior manager roles such as;  Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Foundation Manager, Director of Development, Advocacy Advisor, Programme Manager, Director of Fundraising, Procurement Officer, Human Resources Manager, Finance Director, Accountant, Senior Policy Advisor, Programme Development & Funding Officer, Campaigns Engagement Manager, Head of Marketing & Communications, and Senior IT and technology positions.

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